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That's because we've actually made up that word!  Here's what it means to us and what it should mean to you:

Let's be real. Every wedding is kind of the same, right? Obviously, you will walk down the aisle at some point, the groom will see you, and at the end of the ceremony, you will kiss. That's just how a wedding works. However, that doesn't mean every WEDDING VIDEO should be the same.

Untemplated doesn't just mean unique. It also means your wedding film will be tailored to your specific vision and who you actually are. We believe it shouldn't be based on a usual wedding film formula nor trends. You are the bride and the groom so we mold to you. Not the other way around.

You might be asking,
"What's UNTEMPLATED anyway? It's not in the dictionary!"

* Pre-wedding consultation and conceptualization session
* The Hello & Co. Wedding Primer
* Service of 3 Videographers
* Full Event Coverage
* Licensed Music
* 4-6 min Wedding Film (SDE)
* Custom Hello & Co USB + Box

Hello! Love


* Destination Weddings
* Intimate Weddings
* Live streaming
* Save The Date / Prenup Video
* Engagement / Proposal Video
* INTERTWINED photo and video tie-up package with Ram Marcelo Photography

* Pre-wedding consultation and conceptualization session
* The Hello & Co. Wedding Primer
* Service of 3 Videographers
* Full Event Coverage
* Aerial Videography
* Licensed Music
* 4-6 min Wedding Film (SDE)
* 1+ hr Full Wedding Docu
* Custom Hello & Co USB + Box

Hello! Forever


We do NOT JUST show up on your wedding day and that's it! Our commitment to you starts way before then. This is what sets us apart! With years of experience in the wedding industry, we give you not only a high quality wedding film but also a PREMIUM CLIENT EXPERIENCE, guiding you to EVERY step of your wedding journey with intention and making you feel confident and supported.


Taking time to get to know you is important for us in order to translate your stories and personalities into a beautiful untemplated wedding film. From this comes not just a transactional relationship, but rather a FRIENDSHIP, so that you feel comfortable and truly heard and understood.

Learn more about your new besties.

Showing real is our priority. But beyond candidness and rawness, we will also both share what it’s like to be human - to be kind, to connect, to explore and have an adventure, to grow, to be real, to laugh out loud, and most importantly, to love.

Watch our best authentic wedding films. 

what to expect?

To know you is to love you.




Jackie Manago

Love love love working with Hello & Co!! They are simply the best! They are true professionals with a knack for capturing real/raw emotions on film. They also deliver on their promise of 'untemplated' SDEs, with a clear vision customized to the couple's personalities and preferences. I'm still in awe of how perfectly they captured our brief. They definitely exceeded my expectations. Well worth every peso spent! ❤️

Out of all our suppliers, it's Hello & Co that really took the time to understand who we are and what we like. The entire team knows how to make us feel comfortable and bring out the natural way we feel about the occasion. There may have been cameras pointing at us, but we did not feel conscious; it felt like we were just talking to and hanging out with friends. I didn't cry during the wedding but I cry everytime I watch our video!

Angel Tomintz

AJ Ejercito

4 years ago, we met Hello & Co. Cinema. It was from our friend's wedding and from there it was love at first sight! They were very accommodating at ma-alaga sa mga clients nila. Sila rin yung una naming nabook na supplier because ganun namin sila ka-gusto makuha. Hihi! Wala na kaming kailangan isipin or problemahin because you guys really bring out the best in us in your craft. We love you guys from the bottom of our hearts! ❤️❤️❤️

Joie Te

They have an excellent eye on capturing the little gestures that really made the video worthwhile and refreshing. Kudos to the team for making us feel comfortable as we can be super awkward especially in front of the lens. We also appreciate that you’ve creatively included candid moments of our children as it was one of the highlights of our wedding. We hope you continue to be as gutsy and original with your craft!


You may be wondering about some things...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style?

Like any good artist, our style evolves with time and trends. For now, we love natural light, handheld camerawork, film grain, raw candids, some slow-mo here and there, and well-thought compositions. We want to show you real but we also want to make you see perspectives you can’t with the naked eye. We pride in being UNTEMPLATED.

What is a Full Wedding Docu?

That's a complete chronological edited video starting from your wedding ceremony up to the end of your reception program. Think all 3 cameras threaded together completely yet creatively. Total duration: 1 - 1.5 hours, cut into chapters, and presented in a custom Hello & Co. flash drive / USB and box. It's perfect for couples who don't want to miss any moments from their wedding and want to binge watch their wedding later on. Great also for beloved guests that weren't able to come to the big day.

What's the difference of the Docu with Full Event Coverage?

Full Event Coverage simply means were shooting everything, but not necessarily including everything in the edit. This is good news for you because #1: We will not miss anything from your wedding even if we got everything we need for the edit. #2: You'll always have the option to upgrade to any additional wedding films later on. #3: This is included in all our packages.

Who picks the music?

Audio plays a crucial role in our wedding films. We welcome suggestions as this also helps us determine your personality, the vibe, and the direction you want to take. However, due to copyright issues, we strictly use licensed songs only. We do take your suggestions and match them to our library of licensed songs. This is included in your package.

What's the Hello & Co. Wedding Primer?

Remember when we said our commitment starts way before the wedding the day? The Wedding Primer is the sum and substance of this commitment! The secret sauce for our untemplated work, this is a collection of guides to help you have the best wedding / wedding video you can possibly have (and have an awesome time while you're at it!)

Do you have a photo / video package?

Actually, yes! We only do video at Hello & Co. but what we do have are our tie-up photographer whom we closely work with. We’re practically in sync! You get the best of both worlds: two teams that are able to specialize, focus on their craft, and deliver the best quality but also two teams that perform as one. Inquire about our discounted tie-up packages today!

Do you accept pencil bookings?

No. Our hearts break when clients back out. So best avoid that situation.

Can I get a discount?

Matthew 7:7 :)

Do you shoot outside Metro Manila and internationally?

YES! We’d be delighted to! Ecstatic even! Inquire for out of town fees or an all-in destination package.

Can I work or intern for you?

Maybe. We love to share our knowledge and our passion to those who really want to learn. Send us an cover letter. We don’t need big technical words. Just tell us why you want to work with us and what you can do for us. CV / Resume. Demo Reel. Equipment, if any. The works. Email to hi@helloandcocinema.com.

How we can make our wedding video the best it can possibly be?

I can give you Tip #1: Since this is a video we’re talking about, think MOTION – a flowy dress, some petals or confetti, sparkles, dancing etc. For the rest, we offer a free consultation / discovery meeting. Schedule a meeting with us. :)