tips for amazing photos metrophoto
tips for amazing photos metrophoto

Tips for Amazing Wedding Photos (Bride & Breakfast Series)

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HELLO! Welcome to our Bride & Breakfast Tips Series. In here, weve worked with Philippine wedding blog, Bride & Breakfast, to give soon-to-wed couples valuable tips and untemplated tricks so that your wedding is as smooth as can be and will be the best you can have.

We have Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto, one of the premiere wedding photographers in Manila and in the Philippines, and he’s going to give us 5 top tips how you can push the envelope and get amazing wedding photos. Make sure to take notes. These are super useful and just makes a difference!

Did you get that? All we can say is, we hear you, Oly! And we definitely can relate this to videography as well.

It all starts with selecting the best supplier for you. Find one with a style that you can resonate with, that also speaks to you and for you. Research. Canvass. And meet. Finally, trust your gut. You will know when you have that connection in terms of style, work ethic, company values, collaboration flexibility, etc., and of course the budget! Those are the signs that you found the one. We cannot emphasize this enough: Your photos and videos are the only things that would last forever from your wedding. They’re investments! Choose a photographer or videographer that you believe is worth it.

Untemplated Tip:Don’t choose a (cheaper) supplier and then try to change their style completely to copy another’s. It just won’t work and you may end up disappointed and your suppliers… well, kinda sad, sometimes frustrated, and they might not meet your expectations. Suppliers take pride in their own special style and it is understood clients book them because of it.Instead, weigh things out. Consult with your photographer or videographer if they’re open to your pegs and ideas. If it’s not too far away from theirs, then I’m sure they’re game for it.

After that, trust your photographer or videographer. Your wedding is a social event and that happens behind the scenes too when you interact with your suppliers. Communicate, trust, and let go and you will reap the benefits with a stress-free day and amazing wedding photos and videos.

We love how Oly touches on the details of your wedding (make it personal!) and the color palette too. These are important as it will hold not just your overall aesthetic / look but also the story together. There’s nothing more satisfying and engaging to the eyes than a well-thought, clean, and complementing look.

Here’s one of our favorite videos that does just that:

Untemplated Tip:For videos, the basic, most basic thing you want here is motion. Movement. That is the building block of any video. So make sure you have elements, you have the program, maybe also the guests, the entourage who can create that for you naturally. Of course, we can’t force it but we thought you should keep that in mind. We discuss this a lot more during client meetings.

You’re on your way to amazing wedding photos and videos! Keep in mind these tips for amazing wedding photos and videos. What was your favorite tip from Oly? Which one was most helpful for you? Let us know in the comments below! If you have any questions, we would love to help you guys out in any way we can. Stay tuned to our blog as we post content from the Bride & Breakfast Tips Series everyday!

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