wedding suppliers philippines
wedding suppliers philippines

Dealing with Your Wedding Suppliers (Bride & Breakfast Series)

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HELLO! Welcome to our Bride & Breakfast Tips Series. In here, we’ve worked with Philippine wedding blog, Bride & Breakfast, to give soon-to-wed couples valuable tips and untemplated tricks so that your wedding is as smooth as can be and will be the best you can have.

Are you still looking for the dream team for your wedding? Or are you at nearing the day, having your final meetings with your wedding suppliers? Either way, your wedding suppliers are the people to make it happen for you! We work as hard as we can to make you as happy as can be. Trust us when we say, you’ll go a long long way if you show them proper etiquette, kindness, and a little bit of love. Here are 5 things to remember when dealing with your wedding suppliers.


It all boils down to 2 things: Respect and Appreciation. The importance of these things may be put aside or go unnoticed for some, especially for couples who are caught up in all the planning of their wedding. But if you have and are able to show these to your weddings suppliers, you will see how these will work wonders for you and your wedding day. Based on our experience, if you combine and use these 2 simple things wisely, they can become tools to your advantage. “How?” you ask. Then, read on. These are some wedding supplier insider secrets we’re about to tell you!

Upon inquiry. This will be your first point of contact. If at all possible, make it pleasant and personal. Tell us something about your wedding and why you chose to inquire with us. We can always tell which are the copy-paste inquiries, and worse, it’ll go straight to spam. Nobody wants that, right? Especially if this certain supplier is your favorite, say good things about their work. That always puts a smile in our faces to be honest! If you are looking for a good deal, if you must, ask for a discount with respect. Don’t over do it. Know the value of wedding suppliers and all the work they do and how they’ve come to where they are right now. For some people it’s hard core labor, for some it’s art and a passion, but for all, it’s a profession.

Before the wedding day. As we have seen in the video, respect your supplier’s contract, time, and creativity. You have booked and signed their contract for a reason. Depending on their services and your prior arrangement, it would be usually inappropriate to lord over them and change what they do or their style to something completely different. Trust. Take note of the scope of their services and their limitations.

Care and cooperate: Our best work comes through when we know our client cares about the work we do and they support us by giving us the provisions we need to do this work. As wedding videographers, we give suggestions and instructions on how to make your wedding video the best they can be. Say about your wedding timeline, things you need to prepare beforehand, etc. Consider them and follow them. We also appreciate your keen ideas!

On the day. Yes, feed us pretty please. In our case, food will literally fuel us for the 12 hours of work we do for your wedding. We’re not at all picky, but make it appropriate in portions and in handling. You can delegate this to your wedding coordinator. Putting this out there because, unfortunately, we’ve experienced some of the worst. Food aside, how you treat your wedding suppliers will greatly affect their work on the day. Need we say more? Respect and appreciation.

After the wedding. The best thank you we can ever receive is when we see, hear, and know that our client likes our work. If you do, then, say so! You cannot imagine how that makes us feel. It makes it all worthwhile at the end of day. In addition, if you’ve had a good experience, writing a review online (in Facebook or Google or any other applicable platform) will help not just your wedding supplier’s business, but will also help other soon-to-weds find good options for their own wedding.

Our Hello & Co. Untemplated Tip: We handle a lot of clients at one time, so it’s a good tip to make yourself memorable, from the get go if possible. You don’t have to shower us with praises and gifts (though we love that!) nor message us every day. Just again, respect and appreciation. Build a good rapport and relationship with your chosen suppliers. Again, care about the work they do and the output they’ll give to you.

I distinctly remember one previous client of ours – the groom distinctly told me, “We want our video to be the best wedding video you’ve ever made.” I couldn’t forget them after that and to be honest, their video is still one of the best videos we’ve put out!

Do you like this article? Let us know your thoughts below and share this to your soon-to-wed friends. Stay tuned to our blog as we post content from the Bride & Breakfast Tips Series everyday!


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