wedding reception design tips philippines
wedding reception design tips philippines

The Cheat Sheet for a Well-Styled Wedding Reception (Bride & Breakfast series)

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HELLO! Welcome to our Bride & Breakfast Tips Series. In here, we’ve worked with Philippine wedding blog, Bride & Breakfast, to give soon-to-wed couples valuable tips and untemplated tricks so that your wedding is as smooth as can be and will be the best you can have. And also, have fun with it along the way! That’s definitely important!

We’ve showed you the untemplated wedding playlist, gave you some tips for a fun wedding reception program, now it’s time for the visuals! Floral arrangements, chandeliers, candelabras, tiffany chairs and all that can get so overwhelming. Good thing we’ve got Bride & Breakfast, Teddy Manuel, and Bella Banquets to give us wedding reception design tips for that Instagram worthy wedding reception. Little additions here and there can transform your dinner table from minimalist to grand. See how we do it right here.

As wedding videographers, visuals are everything. We’d love to know about your themes and design pegs and everything as we’d love to encapsulate your whole wedding for you. We know it’s at the reception where couples spend the most money and time on. So, ask us our suggestions about lighting, your projector or LED wall, whether it’s good to have big table centerpieces, etc. We’d love to help and give more wedding reception design tips! Inquire with us today.

Stay tuned to our blog as we post content from the Bride & Breakfast Tips Series everyday!

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