fun wedding reception program
fun wedding reception program

How to have an Unforgettably Fun Wedding Reception Program (Bride & Breakfast series)

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HELLO! Welcome to our Bride & Breakfast Tips Series. In here, we’ve worked with Philippine wedding blog, Bride & Breakfast, to give soon-to-wed couples valuable tips and untemplated tricks so that your wedding is as smooth as can be and will be the best you can have. And also, have fun with it along the way! That’s definitely important!

Today, we’ve got 4 best of the best wedding hosts here in Manila. We’ve got JC Alelis, Atom Ungson, RJ Ledesma, and Eri Neeman right here. We honestly think what they do is an art! It’s a craft they have perfected over the years as professional wedding hosts. So, we’re so lucky that today, they will dish out their tips on how to have a well structured but also fun and poppin’ wedding reception program and party. Couples, if you are looking to hire any one of these fabulous gentlemen, in this video, you’ll be able to see clearly their hosting style and if they are a fit for you.

Our Hello & Co. Untemplated Tip: Do you. Make it your own. Your wedding day is yours and it only comes once in a lifetime. Though it is the usual, you don’t have to follow the templated traditional wedding program. Personalize and adjust your wedding reception program to cater to you – a little bit for your guests and a very small bit for your suppliers.

What are the important parts for you? Is the SDE important to you? Does your entourage need to be forced into dancing for their entrance? Do you need the money dance? What would you and your guests enjoy the most? Asking these questions and more will help to make your fun wedding reception program feel more authentic and be authentic.

Sadly, with all the weddings we’ve been in, we see that our culture here in the Philippines is notorious for eat-and-run. Why is that? Is it because the program is not engaging? Is it because they’ve seen this over and over again? We honestly don’t know. We’ve been to a few weddings where the program is so so so simple. There weren’t even any professional setups nor lights and all that jazz, but everyone was just so engaged, listening to the speeches, and laughing and crying with the newly weds. The love and the celebration were truly shared between people. It was a breath of fresh air.

You can have the simplest or the grandest wedding reception you like. Just make it your own. It is your wedding.

Let us know your comments or questions below. We always would love to help you guys out in any way we can. Stay tuned to our blog as we post content from the Bride & Breakfast Tips Series everyday!

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