tips for newly engaged couples
tips for newly engaged couples

5 Tips Every Newly Engaged Couple Needs to Know (Bride & Breakfast series)

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HELLO! Welcome to our Bride & Breakfast Tips Series. In here, we’ve worked with Philippine wedding blog, Bride & Breakfast, to give soon-to-wed couples valuable tips and untemplated tricks so that your wedding is as smooth as can be and will be the best you can have.

Darlene Tan – Salazar of The Wedding Tip Sheet guides you through her 5 tips for newly engaged couples. A MUST! Particularly watch out for #2 and #4. These tips just make everything in your wedding so much better!

We love how Darlene basically gave us a run through of tips from engagement to preparation to on-the-day. Let’s just emphasize a few things:

“Research well before booking a supplier.” Give yourself time to research on your wedding suppliers, find a few options, and check out past works and reviews. Make sure they are the right fit for you, for who you are, your personalities, what you want, and how you’ve envisioned your wedding to be. So this entails looking from within. What do you really want? What are your priorities? What do you really value? Does this supplier value the same? This especially applies for your creative suppliers such as your wedding photographer and wedding videographer.

Here at Hello & Co., we always ask our clients and prospective clients: “What are you looking for in a wedding video? What style of wedding video would you be looking for?” Asking the right questions are important.

“Couples should get involved in the planning.” Now that you’ve booked your wedding supplier, it’s time to get serious (while having fun, we hope!). Make it clear what it is that you want. Visualize with your wedding supplier. That is why meetings are set. Darlene mentioned templates and the importance of filling those out properly. Yes, it truly helps us do the best we can for you and achieve what you want. For coordinators, these are the wedding primers, the wedding timeline, the guest list, etc. For Hello & Co., as wedding videographers, we have our own secret tools available for our clients. We encourage you to maximize them. The result? A wedding video you can truly call your own.

“Let go and trust your suppliers.” Come wedding day, all that is left is do is to show up. If you have prepared well as above, then the best you can do is to let go and let your wedding suppliers do their jobs. Don’t be the coordinator. Don’t be the photographer. Be the bride (or groom)! Just simply enjoy your day. This is also a good tip to look your best on photos and videos. Don’t stress. đŸ™‚

What was your favorite newly engaged tip from Darlene? Which one was most helpful for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay tuned to our blog as we post content from the Bride & Breakfast Tips Series everyday!

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