tagaytay wedding videographer
tagaytay wedding videographer

Tagaytay Wedding Venues: Our Picks

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We adore Tagaytay! Because of its beautiful scenery, cool weather and it is near Manila, Tagaytay is easily the top choice of all destination wedding venues in the Philippines. As a Tagaytay wedding videographer, we’ve had so many brides here that we know this city from the inside out. Well almost. Theres always a lot more to discover.

Planning your dream Tagaytay wedding? Looking for the perfect Tagaytay wedding venue? Here are some top picks, and quick and #untemplated tips from us.


1. San Antonio De Padua Parish, Silangtagaytay wedding videographer

tagaytay wedding videographer san antonio de padua tagaytay wedding san antonio de padua tagaytay wedding

Photo by Erwin Leyros Photography

The classic-rustic feel of San Antonio De Padua is what usually draws brides in to this church. It’s beautiful on the inside and on the outside. See what we mean by watching Andrew & Ianna’s San Antonio De Padua wedding video.

PROS: We particularly love the long aisle for that dramatic walk and the green space outside good for postnup portraits overlooking the iconic church. Nostalgic. Good to consider if you’re having your reception at the nearby The Hills, Angelfields, or anywhere in Silang.

CONS: Can be a tad bit dark inside and extra hot on the summer days (no AC!)


2. Caleruega Tent Chapel of Transfiguration, Nasugbu


tagaytay wedding videographer calaruega wedding tagaytay

calaruega wedding tagaytay

tagaytay wedding videographer tagaytay wedding videographercalaruega wedding tagaytay

Nacho & Jenny by Efjay De Leon Photography

You might recognize the famous Caleruega chapel in Tagaytay. This particular one we’re talking about is it’s outdoor garden counterpart. Surrounded by lush greeneries and overlooking Mt. Batulao, it seems to be a hidden gem atop a cliff.

PROS: For those who want a Catholic garden wedding in Tagaytay, this is one of your best bets. Again, we love the open space and how the sunset hits the area. It’s an artist’s playground. Kids love it too!

CONS: Not so good for weddings with a big guest list.

3. Madre De Dios Chapel at Tagaytay Highlands, Talisay

tagaytay highlands wedding madre de dios tagaytay wedding videographer tagaytay highlands wedding madre de dios

Maxi & Anna by Marvin Aquino Photography

Accented by tall pine trees, lies this beautiful chapel inside Tagaytay Highlands. Because of the white and wood details, it is a minimalist bride’s dream.

PROS: Minimalist. Clean. And we love how the big windows let in natural light! Sneak peak inside Madre Dios through Maxi & Anna’s SDE above.

CONS: Also not good for weddings with a big number of guests. It can get very cramped inside.


4. Angelfield’s Nature Sanctuary, Silang

angelfields tagaytay wedding tagaytay wedding videographer tagaytay wedding videographer tagaytay wedding videographer angelfields tagaytay wedding

RJ & Jess by Carlo Acetre Photography

Now let’s move on to Tagaytay garden weddings and Angelfield’s usually comes out as a top choice. The green airy vastness is all you need.

PROS: SPACE! You got all the space you need if you have a big number of guests. Also, it’s a good choice for couple who want an all-in-one venue where you can have your preparations and reception. Angelfield’s has it all. Plus, it’s dazzling at night.

CONS: The only thing we can think of is that it’s above the average price point and the possible rain hassles – but can always be solved by preparing a tent.


5. The Forest Barn, Magallanes

Here’s something different and #untemplated! You can find this cute little barn innermost Tagaytay, secluded by tall forest trees. It’s a perfect Tagaytay wedding venue for the whimsical intimate bride just like Ren above.

PROS: Only one of it’s kind! Dreamy and intimate + a very long aisle.

CONS: It’s quite a far travel inside Tagaytay. So make sure you have enough time to travel from your preparation venue.

6. Farmhills Garden Tagaytay, Silang

farmhills garden wedding tagaytay wedding videographer farmhills garden wedding tagaytay wedding videographer - farmhills garden

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