What is your style?

Like any good artist, our style evolves with time and trends. For now, we love natural light, handheld camerawork, film grain, inspired candids, some slow-mo here and there, and well-thought compositions. Basically, we want to show you real but also make you see perspectives you can’t with the naked eye. One thing for sure: we pride in being UNTEMPLATED.

What do you mean UNTEMPLATED?

This is what sets us apart from others. We say NO to the usual, the overdone, and the formula. You know what we’re talking about, right? Our promise is to deliver a wedding film that you can truly call your own.

Who picks the music?

Audio plays a crucial role in our videos. We welcome suggestions when it comes to the music as this also helps us determine your personality, the vibe, and the direction you want to take. We’ll take them into consideration and see if it’s congruent to our style.

Do you have a photo / video package?

Actually, yes! Hello & Co. Cinema only does videos but what we do have are our tie-up photographers whom we closely work with. We’re practically in sync! You get the best of both worlds: two teams that are able to specialize, focus on their craft, and deliver the best quality but also two teams that perform as one. Inquire about our discounted tie-up packages today!

Do you accept pencil bookings?

No. Our hearts break when clients back out. So best avoid that situation.

Can I get a discount?

Most probably yes. Ask us how. :)

Where are you based?

We’re from the chill south of Manila, Philippines.

Do you shoot outside Metro Manila and internationally?

YES! We’d be delighted to! Ecstatic even! Inquire for out of town fees or an all-in destination package.

Can I work or intern for you?

Maybe. We love to share our knowledge and our passion to those who really want to learn. Send us an cover letter. We don’t need big technical words. Just tell us why you want to work with us and what you can do for us. CV / Resume. Demo Reel. Equipment, if any. The works. Email to hi@helloandcocinema.com.

Any advice as to how we can make our wedding video the best it can possible be?

I can give you Tip #1: Since this is a video we’re talking about, think MOTION – a flowy dress, some petals or confetti, sparkles, dancing etc. For the rest, we offer free consultation. Schedule a meeting with us.